• Learning Targets for Short Stories
    1.     I will identify the plot structure of a short story and a summary using the appropriate terms.
    2.     I will locate the conflict of the categorize it as internal conflict or external conflict.
    3.     I will define and identify theme.
    4.     I will support my theme decision with textual data.
    5.     I will develop ideas about characters from a text and connect them to the importance of the text as a whole.
    6.     I will identify a story's protagonist and antagonist and define these terms.
    7.     I will distinguish between characters who are static and dynamic, round and flat and identify why the character fits the given          category.
    8.     I will identify different points of view.
    9.     I will analyze the author's narrative choices.
    10.   I will locate symbols in a text, discuss their significance, and relate them to the work as a whole.
    11.   I will describe the tone(s) in a narrative.
    12.   I will identify shift(s) and the purpose of the shift.
    13.   I will locate different types and uses of irony and explain.
    14.   I will give examples of how diction creates an effect in a narrative.
    15.   I will locate and explain literary allusions in texts.
    16.   Following the reading of a text, I will identify foreshadowing