• Course Description

    In Language Arts, students read a variety of fiction and non-fiction to develop and enrich reading and literacy skills and enhance vocabulary. Further, readings will be combined with a culmination of activities that will allow students to grow as a speaker, listener, and writer. Thus, students will write essays and complete other assignments in which they will explain, analyze, evaluate, and respond to selected short stories, poems, non-fiction, novels, and plays. Students will use the writing process, which includes pre-writing, writing, revising, editing, and proofreading. They will develop competency in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage.

    Learning Outcomes

    To complete this course successfully, students must demonstrate ability to:

    ·         Use comprehension and critical thinking skills to read and evaluate materials, including literature representing diverse points of view.

    ·         Correctly define vocabulary through the use of context clues, dictionary use, root word and origins.

    ·         Work through a writing process that moves from pre-writing and invention to organizing, drafting, revising, and editing.

    ·         Correctly use punctuation, grammar, and spelling

    ·         Participate productively in collaborative groups.


    Outline of Major Content Areas

    Reading and Literature

    ·          Reading strategies

    ·          Interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of literature

    ·         Historical events affecting the literature

    Spelling and Vocabulary

    ·          Terms and concepts studied within the course curriculum

    Grammar and Usage

    • Rules and implementation (meaning and form)


    • Academic Writing

    ·          Prewriting and invention techniques

    ·          Audience analysis

    ·          Introductions

    ·          Thesis statements

    ·          Methods of development

    ·          Topic sentences and paragraph structure

    ·          Research strategies, analysis, and implementation of evidence

    ·          Unity and coherence, including transitions

    ·          Conclusions

    ·          Diction, tone, and voice

    ·          Peer conferencing techniques

    ·          MLA documentation

    • Creative Writing


    All evaluation is done on a points system subject to the significance of the assignment.

    ·               Daily Assignments

    ·               Presentations/Projects/Papers

    ·               Quizzes/Tests

    ·               Journal

    .          RRR

    Needed Supplies

    ·         Medium sized binder with dividers and lined paper

    ·         Sticky notes

    .       Highlighters (multiple colors)

    ·         Writing utensil

    ·         Flash drive