• Central Public Schools: Independent School District #108 

    Enter District 108 and you will discover
    an energized, enthusiastic and caring learning environment.

    This will be a place where lifelong
    learners are actively engaged in understanding, exploring and creating the
    world of knowledge.

    We will expand beyond the door of our
    buildings into the community and world around us and be connected through
    resources, relationships, technology, and innovation. High standards and quality will be the norm
    and success will be a reality for all. 

    Listen to the voices of our community
    and you will hear a sense of pride, affirmation, encouragement and
    support. There will be a strong spirit
    of collaboration and togetherness.

    District 108 will be a community that
    is alive with the excitement of learning.
    People will be united in the memory of a rich history, and pride of
    present celebrations, and hopes and dreams of the future.

    Revised Version May 20, 1998