• Congratulations CMS  March Award Winners
    Academic Achievement Award   (sponsored  by Subway, Unhinged Pizza & Lazy Loon Lanes, NYA)
          1.  hands in work on time
          2.  consistently exhibits good effort
          3.  displays high academic standing or shows significant improvement


    8th grade:   Erin Bohn & Brandon Wickenhauser
    7th grade:   Kourtney Harms & Jack Bursey
    6th grade:   Abby Venske & Alex Minkel
                                                                                              Lions' International                
      Lions' Citizenship Award    (sponsored by NYA Lions Club)     
          1.  treats self, others, and property with respect
          2.  displays a positive attitude
          3.  accepts responsibility
          4.  willing to help others
    8th grade:   Brenna Braunwarth & Matt Franck
    7th grade:   Ella Mork & Will Holley
    6th grade:   Danica Dietzel & Sawyer Goetz  
    Character Award    (sponsored  by Unhinged Pizza NYA)
          1.  shows excellence in character
    8th grade:  Emily Ojeda  
    7th grade:  Aaron Druley
    6th grade:   Andrew Eggers