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    Brad Schultz

    Central Middle/High School - Special Education


    The mission of the program is to advance the independent life skills of students with Developmental Cognitive Disabilities in the areas of functional academics, self-help, home living, employment, community participation, and recreation.


    Classroom Rules, Grading Procedure, Homework Policy for Brad Schultz, DCD Teacher

    Central Middle School and Central High School




    • Listen carefully
    • Be kind (show respect)
    • Use the right voice
    • Do your BEST!!!


    Students in my classroom are graded using data recorded based on their IEP goal progress.  Students are graded commensurate with their abilities.  NO STUDENT WILL FAIL with the proper modifications or accommodations.  Some students may have modified grading:

    S = Satisfactory Progress

    U = Unsatisfactory Progress

    P = Pass (to criteria set by the IEP team)

    F = Fail


    A = 90-100%

    B = 80-89%

    C = 70-79%

    D = 60-69%

    F = < 60%



    Students are not assigned homework in the DCD program.  Practice on specific skills (i.e. sight word flashcards) are encouraged, but not mandatory.  The skills taught are performance-based with a functional life skill emphasis.