• Welcome to the Central High School Mathematics Department!
       We are proud of the work we do at CHS, as shown by our high MCA-II scores, and hope to relay that to our students.  Our class offerings include Intermediate Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2, Advanced Math, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.  Both the Pre-Calculus and the Calculus classes are offered here through Southwest Minnesota State University and students can earn college credits for these two courses. Calculus is also an Advanced Placement (AP) class.



     Graduation Standards  -  Students must complete three credits from the following groups to meet graduation requirements.


    Route 1

    Route 2

    Route 3

    Accelerated Geometry

    Intermediate Algebra

    Intermediate Algebra B

    Accelerated Algebra II


    Geometry B

    CE Pre-Calculus

    Algebra II

    Algebra II B

    CE Calculus

    Advanced Math


    • To meet the CHS math credit requirements and the Minnesota math standards, students must complete three years of high school math.
    • For students planning on attending a 4-year college, you are required to take Algebra II or Accelerated Algebra II. It is highly recommended to take higher level math classes beyond Algebra II.
    • Students taking Route 1 are preparing for the Concurrent Enrollment classes of Pre-Calculus and/or Calculus. These are Southwest Minnesota State University courses taught at Central for college credit. Students taking these classes can earn college credits that can transfer to most all colleges the students may choose. Students who do not qualify for Pre-Calculus will take Advanced Math.
    • Students taking Route 3 generally are those who are planning on attending a vocational school, entering the military, or entering the work force following graduation. These classes do not meet NCAA requirements.
    •  Students who fail 1st semester of a math class will either:
                1.) Juniors: Will remain in current math class, but must retake 1st semester of failed class during the following year.
                2.) Gr. 9-10: Students will have to retake the full year of math during the next school year.
    • If students fail a 2nd semester math class, they must retake the full year of math during the next school year.
    • 8th grade Algebra is not considered a high school Math credit.

    Required for all Algebra II classes and higher – TI83 or TI84 Graphing Calculator.

    Required for Intermediate Algebra and all Geometry classes – Scientific Calculator.

    TI89 calculators will not be allowed in any math classes