The Central High School Social Studies department is dedicated to providing students with a high quality social science education. At each grade level students are directed to a concise social science curriculum designed to challenge their intellect and support their social development. All social studies students will learn meaningful content knowledge, essential skills and civic values necessary to participate as citizens in a democratic nation and a diverse world. Those 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who are particularly interested and motivated to excel in the social sciences can select from a list of enriched or advanced placement offerings that satisfy one or more of the CHS elective graduation requirements.

    High School detailed information on classes
    We recognize that our world is changing rapidly. Students in our schools today are citizens of the 21st century. They are living and learning in the midst of a knowledge explosion unlike any humankind has ever experienced. The social studies curriculum at Central Schools is committed to preparing enlightened and empowered individuals to be humane, rational, participating citizens in a multicultural and interdependent world. The goal is not only preparation for participation as an adult member of the community, society and world, but to engage youth in active participation now - to enhance their lives and communities today and in the immediate future.
    The following chart is provided by the social studies department in order to assist parents in helping their child transition to the high school setting. At Central High School the following Social Studies courses are required:

    9th grade:       American Civics I and II            2 semester course

    10th grade:     American History since 1870   2 semester course

    11th grade:     World History/Geography         2 semester course

    12th grade:     Senior Social  I & II                    2 semester course

    The following courses are elective classes that juniors and seniors can take at Central High School:

    11th/12 grade:     Introduction to Psychology   1 semester course

    11th/12th grade:   CE Psychology                   1 semester course

    11th/12th grade:   AP American History           1 semester course

    The above classes would count towards the eight (8) elective credits required for graduation at CHS.

    Introduction to Psychology is an excellent class for those who have an interest in understanding one's self more fully. It is highly recommended for students considering a college track, as psychology is usually required at the college level.

    CE Psychology is a college-level psychology course. Upon completion of the course, students will receive four (4) credits through Minnesota State – Mankato.    

    AP American History is an elective semester-long course designed to better prepare juniors and seniors to pass the AP history test.