Special Education Staff Directory

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Central School Psychologist

  • Leah Hjelseth

Central Early Childhood Teacher

  • Lisa Stiele
  • Tracy Gibbons

Central Elementary School Special Education Teachers

  • Becca Braun
  • Julie Gesinger
  • Heather Heuer

Central Middle School Special Education Teachers

  • Jon Wroge
  • Brad Schultz

Central High School Special Education Teachers

  • Hannah Koglin
  • James McCullum
  • Brad Schultz

Speech-Language Pathologists

  • Kelli Sawyer
  • Becky Streeter

Adaptive Physical Education Teacher

  • Darrin Fox
  • Gina Zaske

Occupational Therapists

  • Bonnie Vos
  • Laurie Nosbush

Physical Therapist

  • Ginny Garlock

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher

  • Roxanne Otten


  • Michelle Foss