Snow Week 2023 was "hosted" by Central NHS February 6-11 this year. NHS students prepared many fun activities, events, and spirit days for students to participate in, including selling and delivering Giant Kisses, "Crush" pop and Lip Suckers to students and teachers. Dress Up Days consisted of PJ Day on Monday, Zoom Call Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Christmas in July Thursday, and Flannel Friday.

Minute to Win-It

On Monday and Friday, Minute to Win-It games were held during Raider Time. Freshman groups were to hold a golf ball on a spoon and see who could make it across the gym the fastest, and the winners were Braelyn Jens and Sabrina Lopez. Sophomore groups were to perform as many back-to-back stand-ups as possible in one minute, and the winners were Carter Storms and Jack Strickfaden. Junior Groups were to play "human ring toss" where they threw hula hoops over their partner to see how many times they could in one minute, and the winners were Aiden Wacholz and Grant Erickson. Lastly, the senior groups had the task of creating a human mummy, by wrapping one partner in toilet paper to see what group could use all of the toilet paper first and the winners were Sarah Raatz and Elizabeth Becker. Finally on Friday the Minute to Win-It Championship was held and the different grade groups had to complete an obstacle course that involved partner jump roping, army crawling, and wearing a wig! The overall champions of Minute to Win-It Snow Week Games were Elizabeth Becker and Sarah Raatz.

Medallion Hunt

A Central Snow Week tradition is the Medallion hunt. During Snow Week, high school students get a daily clue in order to hunt for the Snow Week Medallion and the winner gets a $100 prize! The first clue explains the rules; "It's that time of year, and winter is here. The Snow Medallion brings everyone cheer. Before you begin seeking, alone or with friends, some ground rules apply toward the prize at the end. Stay on district property and do not disrupt classes, keep out of lockers, and do not ask for passes. Search high and search low for the treasure you seek, and $100 bucks richer you'll be at the end of the week." This clue was released to students via the announcements and the student-run Instagram page "Raider Recap". The second clue was: "It's always more fun when you all get involved. Searching with purpose helps the mystery get solved. Since it's just the second day, it's place cannot be spoken, but skip the melodrama; keep your eyes on the token." That Tuesday morning at approximately 8:30 am, Avery Lueck found the medallion in a cabinet in the auditorium catwalk. Congratulations Avery!

Hearts and Roses

Finally, during Snow Week, Student Council sold and delivered Giant Kisses, "Crush" pop, and Lip Suckers to students and teachers. The weekend of Snow Week, the National Honor Society hosted a dance themed "Hearts and Roses." It included a DJ, popcorn, and lots of photo opportunities.

Dodge Ball Battle

To wrap up the week, the National Honor Society held a Dodgeball Tournament in order to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. The tournament had about 18 dodgeball games with "Joey's Recruits" taking the championship. Congratulations to their team and their comeback from the losers' bracket all the way to the Championship game where they beat the undefeated Eagle Lake Lifting Co. with a hard fought two games due to the tourney being a double elimination. "Joey's Recruits" team included Morgan Johnson, McKenzie Conlin, Ella Harms, Kadence Arndt, Noah Strickfaden, Nolan Glander, Joey Molnau, Tanner Neubarth, and Hunter Neubarth (not pictured). The National Honor Society and Student Council thank everyone for their participation in all of the fun activities throughout the week and a half of festivities!