snowy bus

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am writing to you today to update you on the plan for any potential snow days for the remainder of the school year.

State law and Central Public Schools Board Policy allows for up to five eLearning days in a school year.  As of today, we have exhausted all five of our days.  State law requires a certain number of hours in the school year and a minimum number of days.  After doing the math, we have 3 school days of "buffer" before we would need to add a day in the calendar.

Monday evening, I recommended to the school board that we wait to see what happens in March before we alter any days in the calendar.  What that means for families is the next 3 cancellations due to weather will be good old-fashioned snow days.  If March ends up being uneventful (my hope), we will continue with the calendar as is.  If March does not cooperate and we have to cancel school, I would recommend the board alters the calendar to make April 7, 2023, a regular school day or to look at extending the end time of days to meet the requirements of the Department of Education (if multiple days need to be added).  I would notify all families of this change via school messenger.  For families of high school seniors, the time and date of graduation will not change.

In Partnership-

Tim Schochenmaier