5th graders

Fifth graders had an opportunity to attend Long Lake Conservation Center in Palisade from April 24-26. Their trip was filled with outdoor adventures, team-building activities, and observing nature. Each day was jam-packed with activities.

Upon arrival and getting settled in, student groups got to explore a bog ecosystem, shoot archery, and learn how to identify Minnesota trees. Thankfully rain boots were packed because it was extremely wet and muddy! After a delicious dinner, students got to play some cooperative games and learn about snakes and amphibians. They even got an opportunity to hold a bull snake if they chose.

Tuesday’s activities also kept the students busy outside. They were tasked with building survival shelters in the woods. From teepees to lean tos, to A-frames, every group had their own strategy and built a successful shelter. Students also learned how to use a compass, a skill not many kids know how to do. In addition, each group completed a cooperation course which required students to work together to get their team members over a wall among other tasks. Tuesday night’s activities were a night hike and campfire. They got to hear lots of different frogs, birds, and wolves. The local porcupine, Dill Prickles, even made an appearance that night.

Wednesday morning the students took part in an orienteering race to put their compass skills to use. They had to navigate around the woods, finding different checkpoints throughout, as quickly as possible. It was a challenging activity that required teamwork and perseverance. Luckily, all groups were able to complete the race.

Throughout the trip, students kept track of phenology (nature) observations. Two students then recorded a video about these observations that will be sent to the local radio station as part of their weekly phenology report. How cool!

The trip was filled with adventure, fun, and good food. Parent chaperones made the trip run smoothly and were extremely appreciated. Students came home exhausted but with many memories. Their favorite activities included survival shelters, archery, and the bog trek. Next time you see one of the fifth graders, ask them about their trip!