homecoming court

CONGRATULATIONS to our 21-22 Homecoming Court!

9th Grade:
Carson Mellingen
Kira Weverka

10th Grade:
Aiden Wachhholz
Abby Hartman

11th Grade:
Devin Zellmann
Ella Mork

Jacob Kalkes
Ben Hoernemann
Nick Christianson
Nick Vinkemeier
Brodie Guentzel
Brandon Wickenhauser

Paige Lueck
Kalli Wischnack
Madison Lueck
Greta Feist
Lauren Smith
Mikayla Tellers

Junior Royalty (1st Grade):

Emily Feltmann

Hudson Bishop

Homecoming week Schedule of events:

  • Sunday 10/3: Movie on Football Field @ 7:30 PM 
  • Monday 10/4: Hawiian dress up day Girls football game @ 9:50AM Corronation @ 7 PM
  •  Tuesday 10/5: Dynamic Duo dress up day Raider Time Trivia 
  • Wednesday 10/6: Country vs Country club dress up day Boys Volleyball game @ 9:50 AM
  •  Thursday 10/7: Red Carpet dress up day Raider Time Scavenger Hunt 
  • Friday 10/8: Raider Pride dress up day Homecoming Parade @ 1:30 PM Community Pepfest @ 2:30 PM VARSITY FOOTBALL GAME @ 7 PM (Half time show; introduction of roylaty and cheerleaders)

High School Dress Up Days:

  • Monday (10/4) Hawaiian
  • Tuesday (10/5) Dynamic Duo 
  • Wednesday (10/6) Country club vs Country 
  • Thursday (10/7) Red Carpet 
  • Friday (10/8) Raider Pride

Thank you to Greta Feist for designing our 2021 Homecoming button!