student woodworking

7th Grade Industrial Tech/AG

As part of the exploratory class rotation, each 7th grader spends a quarter with Mr. Mesik for Industrial Tech/Ag 7. While in the class, students learn about the basics of agriculture and FFA. Then, students brush-up on measurement skills and experience extensive safety training on hand tools and a few select power tools. 

Skills are put to use as students construct the "nothing box."  Even though it's good for nothing in the end, it helps develop many valuable skills relating to measurement, drilling, cutting, angles, and more. Then students construct nutcrackers and cut out animals on the scroll saw. If there's time, students learn the basics of internal combustion engines through hands-on work in the shop. 

It's a great adventure in shop work and 7th graders leave at the end of the quarter with some valuable skills.