Criminal Justice

Mrs. Hammers’ Criminal Justice class is hosting guest speakers during the 4th quarter to learn more about careers within the criminal justice field. Speakers have included a probation officer and a prison guard. 

Carver County Probation officer, Lindsay Jagawardena, spoke about her work as a juvenile agent and how her job as part police officer and part social worker is about behavior change.

Chief Nelson worked as a prison guard in Missouri. He shared with the students what a typical work day would look like, how different prisons are built, and what housing looks like for different inmates.

More guests are scheduled including three former Central graduates; Cameron Conlin who will be finishing his schooling at Winona before entering the workforce as a police officer, Officer Jordan Voigt a Carver County Deputy Sheriff, and Laura Tellers a Criminal Investigator in Colorado.

If you or anyone you know would like to be a guest speaker from the Criminal Justice career fields, please contact Mrs. Hammers at