mental health first aid

Central sophomores are taking part in a Mental Health First Aid course that will help them not only understand signs and signals that other people involved in their lives may be experiencing mental health issues, but also things that they personally may need help with.

Central High School Teacher Darrin Fox is partnering with the 2B continued organization based in our local area to give students different situational concepts and ideas to use in their daily lives to build on some of the issues they learn about in 9th grade.

The hope for the project is that this will not only help students and peers of students with mental health issues, but will also help those around them by providing knowledge and resources. With the rise and increase in mental health needs throughout life, this type of training can benefit students long after they graduate.

Students at Central have been open to hearing the concepts presented in the program and have shared some of their own thoughts about how to handle situational needs. They are also coming up with ideas on how to help themselves and others in difficult situations.

"My hope is that this training will help all of our students to better understand what contributes to people needing help or assistance. And encourage them to be willing to step in and help other people when they are in need," says Central Health teacher Darrin Fox. "By knowing what to look for -- what they hear or see in another person's actions -- they can avoid contributing to a person's frustrations or mental health issues. They will learn to realize they can change their own actions or words to help be part of the solution and not a contributing factor to the problem."
Central Public Schools is continuing to offer more access to services for students and others who are in need of help and we encourage people to check out this program at and for more information.