kids on 100th day

Students at Central Elementary celebrated the 100th day of school on January 20, 2023. Each grade level had fun games, activities, and craft/art projects that involved the number 100.

In Kindergarten on day 100, students and kindergarten teachers dressed up like the roaring '20s and spend some time learning about what it was like back 100 years ago. They also made a snack mix by counting to 100 each time, completed a 100 checklist with the help of fifth graders: bounced a ball 100 times, jumped 100 times, made a train of 100 cubes, made a 100-day monster, tried to get to the end of a tootsie pop in 100 licks, made a fruit loop necklace after counting out 100 fruit loops and took pictures of what they look like now and what they may look like when they are 100!

First-grade classes had a plethora of "100-day" activities including writing 100 things that make them happy, making crowns using 100 strips of paper, flipping a coin 100 times and recording the results, STEM activities included:

  • Can you make a tower using 100 cookies? 
  • Can you make a party hat out of 100 pattern blocks? 
  • Can you stack 100 candles to make a layered cake using Playdough?
  • How can 100 be grouped?

In Ms. Thomason's classroom, 1st and 2nd graders were all secret agents for the 100th day celebration! Students had to crack the code by completing missions throughout the day and find “Zero the Hero."

It was a fun day for students and staff alike. Our teachers have an incredibly unique way of teaching students, allowing them to enjoy what they are learning while making wonderful school day memories.